Kayin and Abeni

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‘Kayin and Abeni’ is a sci-fi comic about two mercenary cousins looking for revenge for the war which ravaged their people. Whilst this seems like a cool but (relatively) standard concept what makes this book noteworthy is that it takes place in a space that’s truly inspired by Africa.

Creator(s) & Writer(s): Keenan Kornegay, Juni Ba

Art: Juni Ba

Publisher: Indie, Kugali

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Inspired by African aesthetics and themes, Kayin and Abeni is a digital comic series telling the adventures of two cousins who roam the emptiness of space, accomplishing missions for all kinds of clients.

Years ago, the nomadic space tribe called the Ninu-Buburu wiped out the two cousins Kayin Afolayan and Abeni Odulowe’s clan. Now years later, the need for revenge still rests deeply within their hears. For they have learned to use their clan’s advanced weaponry and take shady missions for belligerent benefits, all to one day take blood and bone, hopes and dreams from their sworn enemy.


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