Might of Guardian Prime

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Tunde Jaiye is a fashion mogul by day and Guardian Prime, earth’s champion whenever evil rears it’s ugly head.

Creator: Jide Martin

Publisher: Comic Republic

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…a tale focused on proving the popular adage ‘disability is not inability’

Guardian Prime is Comic Republic’s flagship character touted as the “Nigerian Superman”. His powers include flight, super strength, speed, flight and an exalted sense of justice with a side of unmitigated logic.

A description from Comexposed reads:

Guardian Prime’s regular alias is Tunde Jaiye, a 25-year-old fashion designer in Eko City. His father is a politician and his mother a business women. Whenever a city in Nigeria – or anywhere in the world really – is in danger Guardian Prime acts as savior and always manages to save the day. He’s portrayed as a perfect man, with superhuman everything, speed, senses, and strength. On top of that, he has other gifts which include flying, intensifying his body heat and creating fires. Guardian Prime was tasked with the role of being the world’s protector from evil by Gaiya (Mother Nature) and is one of the guardians that are born to the human race every 200 years. He has the ability to access the past guardians’ thoughts, much like how Avatar Aang could access his past lives in Avatar: The Last Airbender.

1 review for Might of Guardian Prime

  1. Bill

    Started off as a Superman story that quickly evolved into a narrative of its own, that makes me feel like I’m reading a story by Nigerians. The art improves along the way. I definitely recommend reading the entire run in one sitting as it will give you a better appreciation for the growth of the creative team.

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