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Comic Republic is a Nigerian creative digital media company that produces digital comic books (and animation) to tell compelling stories of Africa and her rich culture and to inspire a movement of people who believe they can influence change. The company was founded by Jide Martin.

Comic Republic titles include Avonome, Tatashe, Guardian Prime, and Eru.

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Comic Republic is a Nigerian creative media company changing the African Narrative through constructive storytelling using heroes as icons, one superhero at a time!
The company does this through its diverse catalogue of comic books like the popular Guardian Prime, Tatashe and Avonome.

Comic Republic publishes comics every two weeks on their website,

The company has won many awards for its comics at the Lagos Comic-Con. The company has teased an animated show for its flagship comic, Guardian Prime.

The company also organizes Comic Connect Africa, a platform where Jide Martin says is ” to take the comic culture to mainstream and vice versa.”

We are connecting the culture of reading comics to the other mainstream entertainment cultures.
– Jide Martin

Comic Republic Titles

Comic Republic has published a lot of comics and releases a new comic every two weeks. The published comics so far are:

  • Aje
  • Amadioha
  • Avonome
  • Beatz
  • Blackmoon
  • Eru
  • Galactic Core
  • Guardian Prime Genesis
  • Hero Kekere
  • Hero Generation
  • Itan
  • Ireti
  • Ireti Bidemi
  • Metaiye Knights
  • Metalla
  • Might of Guardian Prime
  • Presssurection
  • Scion Immortal
  • Tatashe
  • Trials of the Spear
  • Uhuru: Legend of the Windriders
  • Vanguards: Rising
  • Visionary

Founder and Notable Associates at Comic Republic Media

Comic Republic was founded by Jide Martin n 2013. Comic Republic is made up of a passionate team of writers, artists and marketers. This includes:

  • Jide Martin
  • Michael “Balox” Balogun
  • Eduvie Martin
  • Tobe Maz Ezeogu
  • Stanley “Stanch” Obende
  • Cassandra Mark


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